The Scouts

To celebrate #BritishScienceWeek, we’ve taken a look at the science behind some of your favourite Scouts activities. In this video, we explore archery.

The Deep 2019 – Beavers and Cubs

What a fantastic night at The Deep. The Beavers and Cubs spent all evening finding out about marine life and the oceans. We can’t wait for the next one.

Blacktoft Beacon – Deep Sleep Over

What a fantastic night at The Deep. The Beavers and Cubs spent all evening finding out about marine life and the oceans. We can’t wait for the next one source

Training Weekend 2 (Saturday)

Take a look at what we have been up to so far this weekend, its not just planning the trip we have had a hike and tried some Canadian food. #HL19 #BBScouts #GYCScouts

County Awards 2018

One of our first full length live events last night for West Yorkshire Scouts helping them out by live streaming the West Yorkshire County Awards!Our Awards Ceremony event will again be held at Bradford Cathedral on the 27th October 2018. All recipients of eligible awards, plus their guests and leaders across the county are invited…

SS-BBITS Break in

Last night onboard the SS-BBITS we found an intruder. Find out how you can help save the ship at

Scouttastic 2018 – Water Activities

This year at Scouttastic we help film some of the events unfolding at this brilliant event. When we get involved we dont mind putting a pair of waders on and getting in the water to film and provide some amazing shots. source

Awesome fairground footage from Scouttastic 2018

BBITS went along to help the Scouttastic Media team see what we got up to here :- This is the ultimate afternoon pick up. Turn it up, and enjoy the bass! Give the team GoPros, drones and video cameras, plus a very late night, and this is what you get! source

Formula Pedal Cart

This time last week the Grand Prix was well underway. Get ready to step aside Jenson Button & Lewis Hamilton as our Formula Pedal Cart team are ready to race!!

Sunday & Monday County Cub Camp 2018

Are you missing camp? It has been a week since hundreds of Cubs arrived at Hogwarts for a magical weekend… Here are a few more of the things you got up to! #FantasticCubsAndWhereToFindThem

USB Drive Duplication

Currently we are making sure all of the USB resources drives are ready for Humberside Scouts training event this weekend. B.B.I.T.S can duplicate USB drives at a rate of 60 per hour. If you have an event were you want to hand out free digital resources then B.B.I.T.S can make sure that all the content is loaded and…

Hawkhirst Scout Activity Centre

Scout Content ASU wanted a low flight across the water and into Hawkhirst Scout Activity Centre. These Are some of views we recorded.   At Wintercamp 2018 you’ll be able to try a number of activities at both of our locations including the usual favourites: shooting and archery, crafts, water slide, prussiking, radio orienteering, wide…

Hawkhirst Drone Footage

Some fantastic UAV footage from Hawkhirst Scout Activity Centre this weekend. Don’t forget to like the Wintercamp Facebook page. Content ASU wanted a low flight acroos the water and into Hawkhirst. These Are some of views we got.

A bit of help from BBITS

1st All Saints Sherburn in Elmet Scout Group, were having trouble with getting an internet connection to their Scout Hut.  They had a few issues that stopped them from using regular systems. No Phone Line.  The hut is effectively land locked when it comes to copper or fibre broadband – no easy way of getting it…

ScoutTastic 2018!

An event we’re covering in 2018! We can’t wait! Follow the action @scouttastic on Twitter and @scouttastic18 on facebook source

Scout Website Hosting

BBITS have launched a new website hosting service for Scouts! From £1.50 per month you can receive secure, cheap & reliable hosting from BBITS ASU All profits go into helping us provide services to local and national scouting from media services to the IT badges. Order here!!! Find out more below FREE DDOS PROTECTION…

Bradford North District Scouts – Bonfire Night

This year as part of BBITS a Scout active support unit focused on media and IT solutions we were invited to film Bradford North District Scout’s annual Firework Display. We chose to use the drone as we knew we would be flying above Blackhills Scout Campsite where the event is held, so we knew there…


This is what happens when it rains and there are fireworks!! #bbits #blackhillscampsite Check out the full video here

ClamWin the free windows Anti-Virus

Looking for free Open Source Antivirus for Windows? Download ClamWin Free Antivirus and get free virus scanning and free virus definition updates. Free Antivirus software for Windows, using the well-respected ClamAV scanning engine. Includes virus scanner, scheduler, virus database updates, context menu integration to MS Windows Explorer and Add-in to MS Outlook. ClamWin features easy…

Free Internet Safety and Adult Content blocking for Scout Groups

  Speed Yandex has over 80 DNS servers located in different cities and countries. Each user’s queries are processed by the server closest to him/her, that’s why sites open faster with Yandex.DNS in “Basic” mode. Protection from dangerous sites Some websites on the internet contain malware that is capable of infecting your computer with a…

Photographer Activity Badge

Do you need some inspiration for the Scouts Photographer Activity Badge? Well B.B.I.TS have a great idea and we are willing to help!! All you need is a Camera, a mobile phone will be the easiest but anything that can take a photo. B.B.I.T.S then sets a challenge for everyone involved to tell a story of…

How to install Nagios on a Raspberry Pi

Become root user # su OR # sudo -i Download required packages via YUM. # apt-get install apache2 libapache2-mod-php5 build-essential libgd2-xpm-dev Create Nagios User # /usr/sbin/useradd -m -s /bin/bash nagios Change “nagios” user password. Not required but optional # passwd nagios Now Create a group for allowing external comands via the WEB UI and then…