A bit of help from BBITS

1st All Saints Sherburn in Elmet Scout Group, were having trouble with getting an internet connection to their Scout Hut.  They had a few issues that stopped them from using regular systems.

  • No Phone Line.  The hut is effectively land locked when it comes to copper or fibre broadband – no easy way of getting it there and even those who would, the cost was way too high.
  • Metal outer skin on the building.  This caused issues for products like MiFi or tethering off your phone due to a really poor signal.
  • A lot of external footfall. Both sides of the building get passed to enter a field behind the building, and they often receive damage or vandalism because of this. So that ruled out a satellite feed.

After chatting and having a look around the building BBITS decided that 4G was the way to go, it was cost effective and did what was needed, one catch though – the metal building skin!  We suggested a 4G modem that allows an external antenna which you can see in the photo.

Sherburn in Elmet Scout Goup have tested the system and are getting fast speeds and great connectivity within their hall.

BBITS are now just waiting to see their final install after their test one on a wooden pole.


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