BBITS Badges give greater flexibility in design. If you have a particularly complicated or intricate design, which must remain true to its original form, why not opt for a Woven Badge? Each badge can have as many as eight thread colours and the design is weaved into the fabric



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Live Streaming

BBITS have the tools to help you live stream your event. During 2020 we help people come together from all over the country to help deliver virtual camps and activites.



The BBITS media team love making videos that show off your Scouting events. BBITS use and array of tools to help show the fun that all young people and adults have while on camp or on an activity.



BBITS has a team of dedicated professional photographers, videographers and designers, delivering high-quality photography services. We understand every memory deserves to be cherished, so we treat each and every event with the high level of attention to detail, using the latest professional photography equipment to achieve the best possible