Photographer Activity Badge

Do you need some inspiration for the Scouts Photographer Activity Badge? Well B.B.I.TS have a great idea and we are willing to help!! All you need is a Camera, a mobile phone will be the easiest but anything that can take a photo. B.B.I.T.S then sets a challenge for everyone involved to tell a story of…

How to install Nagios on a Raspberry Pi

Become root user # su OR # sudo -i Download required packages via YUM. # apt-get install apache2 libapache2-mod-php5 build-essential libgd2-xpm-dev Create Nagios User # /usr/sbin/useradd -m -s /bin/bash nagios Change “nagios” user password. Not required but optional # passwd nagios Now Create a group for allowing external comands via the WEB UI and then…

Top 10 Video Editing Tips & Tricks

1. Tell a Story: In pictures or dialog, a good story makes all the difference Whether you’re producing a blockbuster feature film or a home video to share with family and friends, a great story is the basis for any well-constructed video. Take the time to plan ahead, brainstorm, get inspiration, discuss with others, share…

Blackhills Climbing Wall Refurbishment

Blackhills Scout Campsite were refurbishing their climbing wall this weekend. We sent our drone up to take a look, sadly due to the trees we couldn’t get close enough so we just filmed some epic views.

Hessle Scout Group Beavers Visit Yorkshire Air Museum

BBITS were invited to film Hessle Scout Group’s Beavers at Elvington this weekend. The Beavers where completing the stage 2 Air Activites badge. It was a great day with loads of sun, and the Beavers loved every second of the day out.

Humberside County Scout Camp 2017

This weekend BBITS attended Humberside County’s Raywell Campsite to offer our media support. Have a look at the videos that we have made over this fantastic weekend.


Last Weekend we took to the sky for the annual Egg Hunt at Blackhills-Campsite with our drone!! To watch the video head on over to Blackhills-Campsite don’t forget to like and share. BBITS Drone is a DJI phantom 3.   Aircraft Weight (Battery & Propellers Included) 1280 g Diagonal Size (Propellers Excluded) 350 mm Max…

Blackhills Easter Egg Hunt 2017

BBITS visited Blackhills Campsite for another fantastic event of drone flying and video production. Check out our video below. All the kids attended had a great time and looking forward to visiting Blackhills again soon. 

Minecraft Events

What a fabulous way to start the half term week – being allowed to play your favourite game as much as you want is not something that happens very often. The Scouts started playing on Friday night building the world and helping set everything up for the cubs to join in on the Saturday. Never…

Internet Anyone??

Blackhills Campsite, Requested us to have a look at getting internet to their campsite, due to restricions in BT’s copper network and the fact fibre was no where near to the site we took a look into Tooway’s Satellite Broadband. The connection prived a steady 22mbps as with ADSL we would have been looking at…